The Simplest Trick For Bringing Your Summer Dress Into Fall

It’s technically fall, but let’s be real. It’s still 80 degrees, humid, and rainy. The last thing I want to do is put on a chunky cardigan or leather boot. But I still desperately want to start transitioning my wardrobe because I’m sick of bright colors and crop tops! This week, I decided to do a little experimenting with my layering techniques in order to mix my fall and summer pieces. What did I discover? It turns out, with the help of a summer dress and a pair of fall linen joggers, you can put together the perfect jumpsuit for this weird transition weather. Intrigued? Find out how below.


For this look, I grabbed a lightweight summer dress in a dark navy and paired it with a pair of navy joggers. Both items were made of thin materials which made them comfortable to wear in the hot weather, but the deep colors make the look September appropriate. To put the pieces together, I simply tucked the dress into the joggers and added a red belt for a pop of color and to define the waist. Since the joggers have a loose fit, the extra fabric of the dress didn’t show underneath the bottoms.

To finish off the look, I went with a classic red lip and winged liner. This makeup is bright without evoking summer vibes. For my hair, I wanted to do a look with piece-y texture. I usually wear my hair very straight, so in order to work against what my hair is trained to do, I sectioned my hair into four parts. I braided each section into a rope braid and then flat ironed each rope braid about four times. When I undid the braids, I had that cool-girl, rocker texture in my hair that looks effortless, and adds a little edge to the classic makeup.


Fashion Tips and Tricks For Short Girls

I was reading this Buzzfeed post the other day and I was kind of surprised. I’m 20 years old and less than 5 feet tall, so I’ve learned a lot about dressing for my super petite body over the years, but it seems a lot of other short girls are still struggling to dress their bodies. The main thing I noticed when reading the article was that a lot of the fashion struggles that short girls complain about are totally fixable if you have an open mind and a few tricks up your sleeve!

Below, I’ve styled five looks that address common short girl complaints/difficulties. I’ll be talking about each one starting on the left and moving to the right.


Problem 1: Oversized tops are swallowing me whole!

Solution: There’s nothing wrong with wearing something oversized. Even if it seems super big, you can easily style it by wearing less voluminous clothes everywhere else, and showing a little extra skin. In order to rock this huge, dolman sleeve cardigan, I wore tighter, high-waisted shorts and open toed shoes on the bottom. This balances the whole look out.

Problem 2: T-shirt dresses are always too big and knee highs look like thigh highs.

Solution: First of all, there’s nothing wrong with thigh highs. In fact, they’re on trend right now, so knee highs that are a little long isn’t even a problem! If you really hate the thigh high look, try folding your knee highs over at the top. I promise, it doesn’t look awkward. As for t-shirt dresses, I love them! I love a larger t-shirt dress because you can easily belt it right at your natural waist, unlike more structured dresses that tend to hit you at all the wrong places. Don’t knock the t-shirt dress. It’s wonderfully customizable.

Problem 3: My jeans are too long.

Solution: Needing to cuff your jeans isn’t a death sentence. There’s lots of stylish ways to cuff them and they look fine if you execute your cuff well. If you really hate cuffing your jeans and they’re always too long, try shopping in petite sections. I know it’s tempting to buy cheap Forever21 jeans (even when you know they’re not going to hit at your ankle) but try shelling out a few more bucks for a couple pairs that really fit you well. Personally, when I’m on a budget but I need jeans that fit my height, I like to go to OldNavy and purchase their short jeans in a size 2. They hit perfectly at my ankle, even though I’m 4′ 11″. Lastly, just an extra tip, buy jeans that are slightly high-waisted! If you buy them only slightly high-rise, they will be the perfect high-waist level for a short torso and high-waisted pants give the illusion of longer legs.

Problem 4: Crop tops look like slightly short t-shirts on me.

Solution: If you see a crop top you really love, but it hits a little too low to register as a crop top, you can try front tucking it. This gives the effect of a crop top without you having to try to tuck it entirely and risk it bunching up in weird ways under your skirt or pants. To execute a front-tuck, hook your finger under the hem of the shirt and twirl your finger so that the bottom of the shirt twists. Then, take your little twist, and tuck it into the front of your bottoms. Leave the rest of the shirt out.

Problem 5: My maxi skirt is way too long.

Solution: If you want to wear a maxi skirt, your best bet is to buy one in a soft, stretchy material. That way, you can easily wear it higher up on your waist without it looking strange. If it’s still too long after you move it up on you waist, you can try giving it what I call “the messy bun” to shorten it. If you look in my last picture, you’ll see my skirt is pulled to the side in a little ball that makes the skirt midi length with an asymmetrical hem. To do this, pick the spot on your skirt where you want to hike it up. Grap a chunk of the skirt and hold it like you would a ponytail. Twist your “ponytail” into a a ball in the same way you would make a messy bun in your hair. Secure it with a hair elastic and voila.