The Simplest Trick For Bringing Your Summer Dress Into Fall

It’s technically fall, but let’s be real. It’s still 80 degrees, humid, and rainy. The last thing I want to do is put on a chunky cardigan or leather boot. But I still desperately want to start transitioning my wardrobe because I’m sick of bright colors and crop tops! This week, I decided to do a little experimenting with my layering techniques in order to mix my fall and summer pieces. What did I discover? It turns out, with the help of a summer dress and a pair of fall linen joggers, you can put together the perfect jumpsuit for this weird transition weather. Intrigued? Find out how below.


For this look, I grabbed a lightweight summer dress in a dark navy and paired it with a pair of navy joggers. Both items were made of thin materials which made them comfortable to wear in the hot weather, but the deep colors make the look September appropriate. To put the pieces together, I simply tucked the dress into the joggers and added a red belt for a pop of color and to define the waist. Since the joggers have a loose fit, the extra fabric of the dress didn’t show underneath the bottoms.

To finish off the look, I went with a classic red lip and winged liner. This makeup is bright without evoking summer vibes. For my hair, I wanted to do a look with piece-y texture. I usually wear my hair very straight, so in order to work against what my hair is trained to do, I sectioned my hair into four parts. I braided each section into a rope braid and then flat ironed each rope braid about four times. When I undid the braids, I had that cool-girl, rocker texture in my hair that looks effortless, and adds a little edge to the classic makeup.


Here’s Why You Should Never Ditch The Classics

Ah September. A new school year has started and a new season is hot (or shall I say cool and breezy?) on our heels. At this time of year, many of us like to do closet/make-up hauls and switch up our look. While January is the time of year for new hair cuts/color or getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted, September is when most people attack the latest trends in clothes and make-up with fervor.

I’m all for changing things up, but this year, I’ve decided to dial back for a little while and enjoy the classics. Why? Because the classics exist for a reason. Certain looks are tried and true because our brains are wired to find certain colors, silhouettes, and details attractive. So which classics are the most naturally alluring? The following look has been (sort of) scientifically proven to get hearts pumping:

attract final

The little black dress.

An LBD is so tried and true that anyone who knows anything about fashion knows the acronym without a second thought. This clothing piece is great for two reasons: 1. Black is undoubtedly sexy. 2. They are acceptable in so many situations. You can wear an LBD on a date, to a party, to class, to church, basically everywhere. It allows you to blend in and have  a bit of interesting detail at the same time. Versatile and attractive? Sign us up.

The red lip.

Everyone loves a red lip for the same reason they love the LBD, it looks gorgeous on everyone and it’s easy to throw on. Most women report feeling more confident with a bold lip color on, and confidence only adds to the package.

The smudgy dark liner.

On a regular day you can put on your eyeliner, maybe add a little flick on the end and it’s going to look good. But do you want to make your look a little more sultry while keeping it classic at the same time? Use a soft pencil to do your liner and then gently smudge it out with a stiff shadow brush. You’ll look like you slept in your liner, not in the awkward messy way — in the, I love sex and rock and roll way. Smudged liner is a mainstay for celebrities for this exact reason. It adds a sense of cool without having to try very hard. Paired with a red lip and an LBD, you’ve got a recipe for eye-catching glamour.

A Flawless Look For When It’s Hot Af

Yesterday was the first day of July, which means it’s almost time for fireworks, barbecues, and patriotic nail art! Unfortunately, it also means it’s time for crazy high temperatures. I’m a North Carolina girl, so I’m used to high heat, but I still sometimes struggle to get through the day without sweaty clothes and makeup meltdowns.

Today, I decided to focus on putting together a look that would be flawless, even in the sweltering heat.

summer heat final1

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wearing hair extensions, and they’re super fun to play with, but not so convenient when it’s 90 degrees outside. To keep my hair from making me feel ten degrees hotter, I put it in a half fishtail, half pony tail hybrid. This is a super easy style in which you put your hair in a low ponytail, then start making it into a fishtail braid. After you’ve braided a section of about 2-3 inches, you grab another ponytail holder and secure the little braid in place, leaving the rest of the hair out. This look is a creative, unique take on a regular ponytail, and the braid ensures that the hair stays off your neck.

Before I put any makeup on, I washed my brushes. Dirty brushes transfer bacteria all over the face, and this problem gets even worse in the summer when warmer temperatures aid bacteria growth and sweat gets everywhere. For my makeup, I wanted to create a look that was classic and attention grabbing. I chose to center the look on a gorgeous lip color rather than an eye color because eye-makeup is more susceptible to running all over your face in the heat. I picked out a berry lip shade and topped it with a gloss, because matte lipsticks can be very drying and that’s the last thing you need when you’re probably already dehydrated. I also curled my lashes to give myself classic doe-eyes.

summer heat final2

When choosing my outfit, I picked items in light weight cotton fabrics that would allow my skin to breathe. I also chose to wear all black and white to make sure my lip color would really pop!

Exactly How To Channel The 90s In 2016

For the last year or so, 90s inspired fashion has been all the rage. We’ve seen just about everything make a comeback, including choker necklaces, box braids, dresses over t-shirts, patches on denim jackets, and much more. While some 90s fashion is a little bit cringey (I’m looking at you JNCO jeans), the fusion of 90s style with 2016 style has created some really cool looks — especially during festival season.

The only thing that frustrates me about this ongoing 90s trend, is that you can sometimes end up looking a little costumey. I love the retro look, but I want to look modern at the same time.

Today, I decided to experiment with some more subtle, 90s inspired pieces to create a look that is retro without looking like it came from the Halloween store.

90s final

For this look, I started with a pair of denim cut-offs and a slightly cropped top. In 2016, crop tops have been everywhere, but the difference between a modern crop top and a 90s crop top is that the exposed skin occurs lower on the body (think exposed belly button rather than an exposed sliver of you natural waist). I’ve never been comfortable baring my midriff when my belly button is involved, so I chose a crop top that offered a little more coverage with the help of some fringe. I chose a pair of easy-going sandals to compliment the look and keep the vibe beachy.

When making my make-up choices, I wanted to make a bright eye-shadow the main focus. In the 90s, we gravitated towards candy colors that covered the entire eyelid and these shadows dominated the face. In 2016, this would be considered way too dated and garish, so to tone the look down, I opted for a Barbie pink eyeshadow used as an eyeliner. To make sure the eyeshadow remained the focus of the look, I chose not to fill in my brows. Instead, I used a little bit of oil to set them, but I brushed them out to look natural and almost a little wild. I also applied several coats of mascara with feather light, upward strokes along the lashes, so the lashes would extend without any clumps.

You Have To Try This Bold Color Look

So often, when we’re in a rush, we gravitate towards neutrals. Heck, I’ve even talked about it on this site! Other times, however, when we have plenty of time to plan an outfit, we still gravitate towards a neutral look (Hello LBD!) when we want to look polished and put together. Lately, celebrities have made all-over neutrals the look of choice. People like Kim Kardashian, the Hadids, and Beyonce are constantly spotted wearing nudes and black everywhere they go. These shades are comfortable, easy to match, and even sophisticated.

But what if you want to be a little more playful?

Today, my roommate and I were headed to the Hudson piers so we could enjoy the sunshine. I wanted to toss something on that would match the bright, playful landscape, but I didn’t have a lot of time to match prints or create a fussy makeup look. I ended up coming with a look I now call, the 2 x 2 x 2.


For this look you need 3 colors, each of which will be used 2 times. I chose blue, a pinkish red, and champagne. How are these colors used? For my outfit, I used two bright blue pieces: A bright blue skater skirt and a blue trapeze top that I tied in a knot at my waist. This was super easy to put together because even though the shades of blue vary, they work well together. The same goes for most separates in similar shades. I then chose a pinkish red lipstick that I used twice, once on my lips and a second time on my cheeks. Lastly, I chose a champagne highlighter that I used first as a highlight and second as an eyeliner with the help of some eyelid primer and an angled brush. Let’s take a closer look shall we?


This look is wonderfully bold without being clownish and it only takes a couple of products! After I applied my lipstick, I added three dots of the same lip color to my cheeks and gently smoothed it in with the tip of my finger. Then, I used my angled brush to pick up some of my champagne highlighter and create a shimmery line just above my regular black eyeliner. I then added the highlighter right on top of my cheek bones and smoothed it in to create an extremely natural looking glow.

Who needs neutrals on a gorgeous day like today, amiright?

A Fool-Proof Guide To Casual Weekend Style

So it’s my first weekend since I started my new job as an intern at a major ad agency in New York City. I’ve been super busy all week and after spending my Friday evening at happy hour with a horde of other interns, I honestly couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my weekend taking it easy. My apartment in the city is still pretty sparse, so I decided to spend my day hitting thrift stores. I figured it would be best to keep my look casual and practical for walking and shopping, so I put together a look that can be worn to pretty much any casual place on the weekend. It’s comfortable, easy to put together, and still stylish.

casual weekend final 2

*please excuse the slightly dirty mirror in Housing Works

When putting together a casual weekend look, I like to start with a pair of high-waisted jeans. They give your body a nice curve and look trendy in a hip, vintage sort of way without being too fussy.

I also like to wear a flat shoe when I’m bumming around on the weekends, so I wore a pair of tried and true black sneakers. However, while I was shopping for apartment stuff, I stumbled upon a pair of leopard print flats (pictured below) which might become my new weekend shoe!

If I’m not going out in the evening, I try to keep my makeup simple. I emphasized dewy skin for this look by keeping hydrated and applying highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones. You’ll also see in a photo below that I am wearing natural hued eyeshadows, with a flesh tone shade all over my lid and a slightly more golden shade towards the inner corners to further emphasize bright skin and bright eyes.

casual weekend final 1

I almost always pair my high-waisted jeans with a crop top, but to keep things even more casual, I chose to wear a t-shirt and simply tied it into a knot on the side. I love this option because it looks so effortless, but I chose a t-shirt with a little something going on (studded arms) to keep things interesting. While I want this look to be sort of model-off-duty, I still like to have a piece in my outfit that distinguishes me from the crowd.

How To Rock Athleisure Like A Pro

Athleisure has been a trend for a quite a while now and it isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because it’s comfortable!

If you’re a little behind on the lingo, athleisure is a trend in which people wear clothes typically destined for the gym (or a lazy day at home) out in public. It began with the surge of group fitness classes and the increasing popularity of yoga, pilates, and other group classes. It’s been seen on celebrities and us “normies” alike. So what’s the difference between wearing your gym clothes out and about and rocking the athleisure trend? It’s all in the details.

athleisure final

Today, I wanted to get up bright an early to hit Trader Joe’s before the “Saturday in Manhattan” rush, but I really didn’t feel like getting dressed. I decided an athleisure look would get me through the day comfortably while still translating as a look. If you’re like me and you want your athletic wear to look like a style choice rather than plain laziness, follow these tips:

1.) Pick a Bold Legging. The leggings I’m wearing above were plain when I first bought them, but I gave them an abstract pattern by covering my hands in paint and putting hand prints all over them. The bold print on this legging elevates the piece by making it a confident statement rather than a lazy piece to hide in. Other options could be a legging with mesh panels or a neon color.

2.) Choose a Top in a Warm Shade. When I want to look wide awake, I choose a color like orange, yellow, or red. Like the bold legging, this makes you look confident in your outfit choice and it actually makes people perceive you as a warmer, more inviting person. #colortheory

3.) Wear a More Stylish Shoe. If you want to wear athletic gear out in public, you can transform the look by ditching your Nike trainers and opting for a less athletic looking sneaker. With a look like this, I prefer Keds or Vans to keep things casual, but street-worthy.

4.)Strobe and Curl. First of all, you should never wear makeup to the gym. That being said, if you want to do a gym-inspired look for everyday wear, you should absolutely wear makeup! By wearing makeup, you show that your athleisure look is deliberately for the sidewalk, not the treadmill. I like to strobe rather than contour and avoid any color on my face when I’m doing an athleisure look because you want to look “done” without looking overdone. If you have a bold lip and eye, you’ll look like you have no idea where you’re going today! I also like to add waves to my hair, almost so it looks like I just finished a workout, took my hair out of a bun, and now I’m heading to get lunch with someone. The finished effect is put-together but easy-going.