The Simplest Trick For Bringing Your Summer Dress Into Fall

It’s technically fall, but let’s be real. It’s still 80 degrees, humid, and rainy. The last thing I want to do is put on a chunky cardigan or leather boot. But I still desperately want to start transitioning my wardrobe because I’m sick of bright colors and crop tops! This week, I decided to do a little experimenting with my layering techniques in order to mix my fall and summer pieces. What did I discover? It turns out, with the help of a summer dress and a pair of fall linen joggers, you can put together the perfect jumpsuit for this weird transition weather. Intrigued? Find out how below.


For this look, I grabbed a lightweight summer dress in a dark navy and paired it with a pair of navy joggers. Both items were made of thin materials which made them comfortable to wear in the hot weather, but the deep colors make the look September appropriate. To put the pieces together, I simply tucked the dress into the joggers and added a red belt for a pop of color and to define the waist. Since the joggers have a loose fit, the extra fabric of the dress didn’t show underneath the bottoms.

To finish off the look, I went with a classic red lip and winged liner. This makeup is bright without evoking summer vibes. For my hair, I wanted to do a look with piece-y texture. I usually wear my hair very straight, so in order to work against what my hair is trained to do, I sectioned my hair into four parts. I braided each section into a rope braid and then flat ironed each rope braid about four times. When I undid the braids, I had that cool-girl, rocker texture in my hair that looks effortless, and adds a little edge to the classic makeup.


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