Here’s Why You Should Never Ditch The Classics

Ah September. A new school year has started and a new season is hot (or shall I say cool and breezy?) on our heels. At this time of year, many of us like to do closet/make-up hauls and switch up our look. While January is the time of year for new hair cuts/color or getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted, September is when most people attack the latest trends in clothes and make-up with fervor.

I’m all for changing things up, but this year, I’ve decided to dial back for a little while and enjoy the classics. Why? Because the classics exist for a reason. Certain looks are tried and true because our brains are wired to find certain colors, silhouettes, and details attractive. So which classics are the most naturally alluring? The following look has been (sort of) scientifically proven to get hearts pumping:

attract final

The little black dress.

An LBD is so tried and true that anyone who knows anything about fashion knows the acronym without a second thought. This clothing piece is great for two reasons: 1. Black is undoubtedly sexy. 2. They are acceptable in so many situations. You can wear an LBD on a date, to a party, to class, to church, basically everywhere. It allows you to blend in and have  a bit of interesting detail at the same time. Versatile and attractive? Sign us up.

The red lip.

Everyone loves a red lip for the same reason they love the LBD, it looks gorgeous on everyone and it’s easy to throw on. Most women report feeling more confident with a bold lip color on, and confidence only adds to the package.

The smudgy dark liner.

On a regular day you can put on your eyeliner, maybe add a little flick on the end and it’s going to look good. But do you want to make your look a little more sultry while keeping it classic at the same time? Use a soft pencil to do your liner and then gently smudge it out with a stiff shadow brush. You’ll look like you slept in your liner, not in the awkward messy way — in the, I love sex and rock and roll way. Smudged liner is a mainstay for celebrities for this exact reason. It adds a sense of cool without having to try very hard. Paired with a red lip and an LBD, you’ve got a recipe for eye-catching glamour.


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