Exactly How To Channel The 90s In 2016

For the last year or so, 90s inspired fashion has been all the rage. We’ve seen just about everything make a comeback, including choker necklaces, box braids, dresses over t-shirts, patches on denim jackets, and much more. While some 90s fashion is a little bit cringey (I’m looking at you JNCO jeans), the fusion of 90s style with 2016 style has created some really cool looks — especially during festival season.

The only thing that frustrates me about this ongoing 90s trend, is that you can sometimes end up looking a little costumey. I love the retro look, but I want to look modern at the same time.

Today, I decided to experiment with some more subtle, 90s inspired pieces to create a look that is retro without looking like it came from the Halloween store.

90s final

For this look, I started with a pair of denim cut-offs and a slightly cropped top. In 2016, crop tops have been everywhere, but the difference between a modern crop top and a 90s crop top is that the exposed skin occurs lower on the body (think exposed belly button rather than an exposed sliver of you natural waist). I’ve never been comfortable baring my midriff when my belly button is involved, so I chose a crop top that offered a little more coverage with the help of some fringe. I chose a pair of easy-going sandals to compliment the look and keep the vibe beachy.

When making my make-up choices, I wanted to make a bright eye-shadow the main focus. In the 90s, we gravitated towards candy colors that covered the entire eyelid and these shadows dominated the face. In 2016, this would be considered way too dated and garish, so to tone the look down, I opted for a Barbie pink eyeshadow used as an eyeliner. To make sure the eyeshadow remained the focus of the look, I chose not to fill in my brows. Instead, I used a little bit of oil to set them, but I brushed them out to look natural and almost a little wild. I also applied several coats of mascara with feather light, upward strokes along the lashes, so the lashes would extend without any clumps.


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