The Perfect Go-To Look When You Have Nothing To Wear

Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching Netflix, and it suddenly dawns on you that you have a meeting, or a lunch, or a date that you totally forgot about? Then you have to scramble out of your yoga pants, find clothes, toss on makeup and run out the door at top speed. The result is usually not a good look. You might show up to a business engagement with your makeup looking wonky or wearing a shirt that didn’t seem terribly low-cut at first, but on the way into your meeting you realize it toes the line of inappropriate. Well, because I’m a very busy person (and occasionally a forgetful one), this happens to me every now and again.

After years of outfit mishaps, I’ve finally come up with a go-to look that can take me from slob to polished without much thought or effort. I use items that I tend to have multiples of, so I know I will have clean options, as well as a sleek color scheme and silhouette to create a look that slays no matter where I’m going.


The Any Occasion, Perfect Look Formula:

1.) A dark, straight leg jean. Dark wash, straight leg jeans can be worn to the office under a blazer or pretty much anywhere else. I toss this pair from Old Navy on whenever I’m rushing out the door because they look clean and sleek, and can work with any color scheme.

2.) A chiffon button-down. You can use just about any soft fabric, but chiffon is my personal favorite for a button-down that you can wear literally anywhere. Again, this is a very versatile piece, and I buy tons of button-downs like these in crisp white because people tend to look especially put together when they wear white (simply because a white shirt says “Hi, I’m confident that I’m not going to spill on myself today”). If you want to look like you have your life together, a white button down is a great option.

3.) A pop of color purse and/or belt. When you wear a black and white outfit, adding a pop of color item elevates the look by making a statement, and therefore making you look even more confident.

4.) A gorgeous heel. I love using heels to take an outfit to the next level. Heels make any look a little sexier, but paired with more conservative items like the button down and dark jean, the heels simply keep the outfit youthful and stylish. This will help you out if you have a work thing during one part of the day and a date later on.

5.) A statement, matte lip. Matte lips have been on trend for a while now, and when you’re wearing an outfit mainly composed of classics, you can add some trendiness through your makeup choices. I also like to feature a gorgeous lip color because bright eyeshadows and blush colors don’t always translate to all situations whereas a saturated lip color can be appropriate just about anywhere as long as it is paired with the right outfit. I love the soft matte lip creams by NYX for this purpose because they’re quick to apply and dry down super fast (and they smell like cake).


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