I Woke Up Like This-Natural Makeup Tips

I love a full face of makeup with funky eyeshadows and bright lips. Although, the super bright colors and lipstick that gets all over the place isn’t my boyfriend’s favorite thing in the world. For the sake of compromise, every now and again, I bust out some more natural looking makeup that still looks undeniably gorgeous, even though it seems like I have very little on.


On these days, my goal is to look like I just rolled out of bed looking close to ***flawless. If you know anything about makeup, you know it often takes just as much time (if not more) to do a natural look, but the payoff is worth it! Here’s my tips for creating a natural look like the one above:


Before applying any products, I prep my skin and tools to ensure the best, most natural looking application. I first clean my brushes so they are able to blend easily. I clean them with a mixture of Dawn soap and olive oil by dipping the bristles in the mixture, massaging the bristles, and then rinsing them. After my brushes are clean, I prep my skin with my usual Sugar scrub exfoliant. I exfoliate my lips as well. After I have exfoliated, I apply a gentle lotion to my face and chap stick to my lips.


Most of the time, I wear my hair sleek and straight, but when I want to rock the “just woke up” vibe, I add some texture to it with my flat iron. Before applying any heat, I apply an oil to my hair for protection and I never use my heat tools at a temperature above 300 degrees. Keep that hair healthy ladies! I use the flat iron to put curls and bends in my hair by grabbing small or large sections at random, clamping them in the iron, and twisting the iron about 180 degrees. Then, with the iron bent at an angle, I pull the hair through, which create curls or bends depending on the length of the section of hair.


I begin my natural makeup routine with a bb cream and then I fill in my eyebrows with a pencil. I don’t add any pigment to my lips, simply because a lip scrub and a balm is plenty to keep my lips looking kissable and soft. For my eyes, I enhance the natural shadows and highlights by first adding a primer to my lids, then applying a flesh tone shadow from the lashline to the crease. I emphasize the crease by adding a shadow that is slightly deeper and more purple than my skin tone in the crease and outer corner. Lastly I apply a cream, champagne colored highlighter on the brow bone, and add black liner and mascara. To give my skin a natural glow, I apply a powder blush with a slightly dampened brush so it will blend right into my skin. Then I use the same cream highlighter at the tops of my cheekbones and right above my cupids bow.




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