How To Wear Color On Both Your Lips And Lids


Most people say that you should only highlight one feature at a time, either your lips or your eyes. I, however, love to break the rules and I’m excited to wear lots of bright colors during the nice weather! I wanted to try some pastels on my eyes without sacrificing a fun lip color, so I did a little experimenting this week.

Find out how to get the look below!


To do a bold look, you need to start out with a fresh and clean looking base. Since the weather has been starting to warm up, I’ve been consistently drinking water all day to keep my skin looking fresh and hydrated. I then used a BB cream on my skin as well as a light pink blush along my cheekbones to create a natural and dewy looking effect.


For my lips, I used a light, berry-esque lipstick. I exfoliated my lips before applying it using this DIY exfoliant. Then I lightly applied the lip color, allowing my natural lip color to shine through.


The trick to using color on both your lips and eyes is a monochromatic theme and light application. Since I used a berry shade on my lips, I chose a light berry-pink for my lids. I dipped an angled brush in a little water, and then applied the pink eyeshadow like an eyeliner. This allowed me to use color all over, while still keeping the look minimal. I topped it all off with a few swipes of mascara and I was ready to go!


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