Rainy Day Hair And Makeup Tips


So spring is my favorite season because I love the warm weather, but it also gets pretty rainy — and I’m not a fan of rain. Rain comes with gloomy gray skies, frizzy hair, and downer vibes.

It’s an especially ugly day today where I live, so I thought I would do a little post about how I do my hair and makeup on ugly days. I usually try my best to fight the gloom with bright colors!


My hair gets frizzy at the slightest mention of humidity, so on rainy days, I like to put it up in some way. Today, I did a couple of little braids behind my ears, a look I’ve been rocking a lot. Having my hair braided gives the illusion of sleekness and keeps my hair off my warm, sticky skin in the humid weather.


Since rain usually makes me feel gloomy, I chose pinks and reds for my nails and makeup. I painted my nails a mod pink and left my eyes simple since I don’t want fancy eye shadows dripping down my face halfway through the day. On the lips, I did an understated ombré with a dark red and a light pinkish red. I executed the look by using the darker red on my entire top lip and the lighter red on the bottom lip. Then I used the dark red almost like a lip liner on the bottom look and gently blended it upwards to create a soft fade from light to dark on the bottom lip. This lip look makes a great statement on a gray day and it also makes your lips look fuller (not that I need help in that department!).

Hopefully the weather clears up soon, but hey, April showers bring May flowers right?


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