The Grownup Way To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

I love music festival fashion. The bright colors, the fringe, the light dresses, and especially the flower crowns and gorgeous braids. The only problem is, some of the trends you see at music festivals are hard to pull off anywhere else. I’m at college right now and I’m going to class/work,  so I wanted to create a look that still includes some whimsical flowers without looking silly or out of place.



In place of a flower crown, I used two small hair clips with pink flowers on them. I gave myself a deep side part by placing the part right above the spot where my eyebrow arches. Then, I swept my hair into a low side bun behind my ear. I have very short hair, so I secured it with a black scrunchie that would give the illusion of the bun being bigger than it is. Then, I took the flowers, and tucked them above the scrunchie. I left my side bangs out, and I used a bobby pin at the back of my head to lock the hair down — to make sure my short hair doesn’t fall out of the bun.


Since the flowers make the hair more whimsical and fun, I used slightly sultry makeup to keep the look adult. On the eyes, I used a flesh tone matte brown on the entirety of the lid. Then, I dusted the lid with copper glitter. I also brushed the copper glitter right under the lower lashline. Finally, I used a matte black shade in the outer corner and the crease. I topped the look off with black liner on the outer rim of the bottom lashes and mascara on the top lashes.


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