How to Layer Necklaces

Necklace layering has been really on trend for several months now, but pulling it off can be tricky. Most people I know avoid wearing a lot of accessories because they fear looking cluttered or overdone. For these people, the layered necklace trend can be difficult to execute unless you buy a necklace that is already layered or a a collection of necklaces that come in pack (made specifically for layering).

If you’re one of those people who have trouble pulling off a lot of accessories, want to try the layered necklace trend, or just want some styling inspiration, here’s my guide:

image (2)

1.) Choose a color and metal scheme.  When you’re layering necklaces, you want them to complement each other. Look for necklaces that are all one type of metal (yellow gold, silver, rose gold, etc). Also look for necklaces that have similar colors to each other, and your outfit (I chose to wear black and gold all over).

2.) Find the right lengths. To make sure each necklace gets seen, choose necklaces that are varying lengths. I think the best lengths include a necklace that grazes your stomach, a necklace that comes about three inches below your clavicle, and a necklace that comes just below the clavicle or a choker.

3.) Keep your outfit, hair, and makeup simple. Since your accessories are more complex, you want a neutral backdrop to put them against. Avoid large, loud prints and fussy silhouettes like ruffles. I kept my look streamlined by wearing all black and choosing a fitted silhouette.

4.) Have fun! This trend doesn’t really mesh with prim and preppy styles. To keep the edgier feel throughout the outfit, choose other pieces to match. The layered necklace trend looks great with leather jackets, high tops, or even festival wear.


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