Why Sleep Bulimia Is Ruining Your Health And Your Grades

So I’m insanely exhausted because I only slept for 3 hours last night. I had a huge assignment due today and if I have a lot of assignments going on at once, the largest one with the farthest away due date (Hint: term papers) always gets pushed to the last minute. I had to stay up until 5 am to finish my work last night and I still had to get up at 8 am.

So how does this affect my health? Well, apparently, being awake for 18 straight hours causes your brain and body to function in similar ways to a legally drunk person. So yes, when you pull an all-nighter to write a paper, you’re basically writing it drunk.  In addition, sleeping this little is linked with weight gain and illness.

A lot of people, myself included, try to deal with the sleep deficit problem by sleeping for very long hours on the weekend to make up for the lost sleep during the week. Doctors call this pattern, “Sleep Bulimia” and they highly recommend that you avoid this type of pattern. Instead, they say you should try to keep your sleep pattern as regular as possible, meaning you should probably be going to bed and waking up earlier on the weekends, especially if you aren’t getting enough sleep during the week.

My first reaction when I read this was…hell no. This is such an unattainable standard. I can’t not sleep binge and I can’t magic my way to not having 3 hour sleep nights. How dare these doctors suggest that I give up sleep binges.

But then I thought about my health. I’m trying to get myself together health-wise as a part of this blog, and sleep is one of the most important things in the world. So I decided I was going to actually try to shake my sleep bulimia problem. I have the day off tomorrow, but I’m going to bed early and setting an alarm to wake up at 9 am. My usual motto, “sleep is for the weak”, just isn’t going to help me in my journey of self-betterment. Getting more than 8 hours of sleep isn’t always necessary, but setting up a regular sleep schedule is.

It may seem like it sucks to get up early on the weekends for the sake of your sleep schedule, but if you want to avoid sleep deprivation issues, this is your best option to rectify your mistakes. And hey, at least you can have more time on your day off to do productive or enjoyable things!

So give this a try with me and let me know if you come out feeling more rested!




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