The Capsule Wardrobe You Need For Work

In the last week, I’ve been shopping like mad to put together a wardrobe for my new job. I had a limited budget, so I had to get the most bang for my buck (but hopefully remain stylish as well!). After my shopping spree was over, I thought I’d do a post featuring similar pieces to the ones from my personal haul so you can get inspired for your own business capsule wardrobe. Below, I’ve posted a couple of Polyvore sets that I created with links to all the pieces.

Red jacket

Forever 21 man bag

Long necklace

Topshop sleeve shirt

Pilot shirt blouse
$14 –

Chiffon shirt

Wallis wide leg trousers

Dorothy Perkins pants

Black ballet shoes

Urban decay eye shadow
***A couple of notes about makeup for work!
  • When choosing work makeup, you want to create a look that is natural, neutral, and fresh.
  • To promote this style, make sure you avoid eye makeup that is overly sultry. If you use eyeliner or dark shadows regularly, keep those dark shades above the lid. Lining the lower lash line often takes a look from day to night, so that’s something you should avoid.
  • You should also focus on having clean skin more than anything else. Make sure you treat your skin well when you’re regularly working in an office by using makeup that has not passed it’s expiration date! I definitely advise that you look through your makeup stash and throw away any powders that you have had for more than 2 years and any cremes/liquids that you’ve had for more than 6 months. Especially lip products! Don’t show up to work with weird pimples around your mouth because you’ve been using an ancient, bacteria ridden lipgloss!

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