The MOST Flattering Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls are usually told that they have the most universally flattering eye color. Makeup stylists say that brown eyes look good with just about any color so if you’re a brown-eyed woman you’re very versatile! As a brown-eyed girl myself, I love being able to try out a million looks and have almost all of them look good, but it’s also very overwhelming. We have so many choices and sometimes you can’t tell what looks best. 

I’m here to fix that problem today!

I’ve tried out countless looks over the years, and I’ve finally narrowed down what I think is the most flattering look for brown eyes. I’m going to teach you how to do it step by step!photojoiner (4)


  1. Before adding any color, I clean the skin around my eyes with makeup remover to make sure there’s no residue from the day before.
  2. I apply Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream under my eyes and on the lids. I apply it under the eyes to brighten the skin and get rid of dark circles. I apply it to the lids to prime the skin so powder eyeshadow will stick without creasing.


  1. For this look I use four shades: A deep purple, a shimmery pink, a brown shade that is slightly darker than my skin tone, and a shimmery brown shade a couple shades lighter than my skin tone.
  2. I start by loading up a brush with the deep purple shade and sweeping it all over the lid. After sweeping it on, apply a second layer by patting/pressing the pigment into the skin for staying power.
  3. Then I take the shimmery, light pink and dust it in the inner corners of my eyes. I then press my finger directly into the shimmery pink and press my pigmented finger right in the center of the lid. At this point it’s going to look a little messy, but don’t worry!
  4. Next, I put a little makeup remover on my finger, and drag my finger along my crease. This gets rid of any excess pigment that got above the crease and makes blending a lot easier.
  5. With a clean shadow brush, I begin blending the shimmery pink into the deep purple I let the pink fade to the purple about halfway across the lid.
  6. Next I take the slightly darker brown shade and sweep it directly into the crease. I use this shade to gently blend the brighter colors and define the crease at the same time. I use gentle, upward blending strokes.
  7. Finally, I take the lighter brown shade and sweep it across the brow bone and use a clean brush to blend it in.

Mascara and Liner

  1. I use a mechanical eyeliner pencil in black to tightline my upper lashline. I add a little extra liner in the corners of the eyes to make the lashes look longer at the ends.
  2. On the bottom, I start the liner application in the center of the eye and work my way outwards, adding more liner in the outer corners for the same reason.
  3. When applying my mascara, I hold my brush vertically and use just the tip of the brush to apply the pigment from the base to the tip of each lash. Then, I hold the wand horizontally and apply my mascara regularly. This makes sure the application is perfectly even and lengthens the lashes even if you’re not using a lengthening mascara.

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