Beat The Mid-Week Slump In 3 Steps

Look at them. Look at how sad the people are in this office. I feel this on a spiritual level and you probably do too. Wednesdays always seem to drag because the glow from last weekend is gone and Friday afternoon seems like it’s eons away. The tiredness, boredom, and monotony of Wednesday always causes me to be less productive and sometimes it even makes me feel angry.

I was getting ready this morning and aptly listening to “It’s Only Wednesday” by Crash Kings when I realized that my Wednesday attitude was a problem. I needed to get more energized and pumped up mid-week so I could operate as my best self. I felt that a new workout routine would help, so I scoured the web for an endorphin inducing pick me up, and then came up with a couple other solutions to hump day hopelessness.

1.) For the workout, I chose this routine from The Chalkboard. I love this workout because it isn’t terribly long, so you can fit it in during the middle of your work week. It has cardio, muscle building moves, and yoga all mixed together in a way that will pump you up and make you feel energized. Starting off your Wednesday with this workout or a similarly varied routine will get your blood pumping and make you feel awake enough to tackle your workload.

2.) After my workout, I added a meditation routine to tackle the health of my mind as well. I love meditation because it’s relaxing, grounding, and only takes about 15 minutes. For my routine, I sit on the floor with my legs crossed and my hands in my lap. I take three deep, loud breaths and then slowly begin assessing each of my body parts one at a time. I start at my head and work to my toes, carefully thinking about how every inch of me feels in the moment. Once I finish this process, I take 60 deep breaths counting each one. By the time I finish, my entire body feels…present. I feel focused, relaxed, and mentally at ease. All things that make me more productive and happier while I work.

3.) Finally, I wrote “Me Time” right into my google calendar. A major reason why people begin to feel burnt out around Wednesday or Thursday is the dwindling presence of personal time. When work projects begin to pick up and energy starts to drop we really need to take a break to do something enjoyable but we often don’t because we worry that personal time is lazy or indulgent. It isn’t. Taking personal time is important for your mental health and your mental health has to be nurtured if you want to do well in other aspects of your life. So now, to make sure that I commit to giving myself a break, I have a one hour block of “Me Time” on my Wednesday afternoon. Today, I went flower picking. It was awesome. I came back from my excursion with an Instagramable floral arrangement and I felt way more positive about my day. And now, every time I look at the daffodils on my kitchen table I remember not to take things so seriously. Finally, I can be as excited as a camel on hump day.


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