The Perfect Outfit/Makeup For Girls Night Out

It’s Friday night and the feeling’s right! I’m in a great mood today because I’ve had a really good week and it’s girls night tonight. Once a month, the squad and I go out and treat ourselves and today is the day!

We always wear fun, cute clothes for girls night and get all dolled up, however, I didn’t have a lot of time today. I wanted to throw something together that would look as cute as my friends’ outfits in record time, so this is what I came up with:

photojoiner (3)


For a quick outfit worthy of rooftop drinks and dancing at Latin night, I opted for all black. Easy to match and slimming. I chose a pencil skirt that’s a little longer than your typical bandage skirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about pulling it down all night, and a cropped halter top. The shoes are strappy, so they look really pretty, but they have a heel under 3.5 inches — no blisters at the end of the night is always a blessing.


For my makeup, I started off with a bb cream to give my skin a nice glow. Then I penciled in my brows and added eyeliner with a mechanical pencil. To create the wings in a jiff, I used the tape trick. I placed the tape underneath my eyes so the edge followed my bottom lash line. Then, I simply drew along the line. I completed the wing by drawing in the space between the tip of the wing and my upper lashline. I finished the look with a coat of berry lipstick which is a perfect shade during the awkward time between winter and spring.


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