5 Ways to Wear Your Jewelry In Your Hair

For the last week, we’ve had some above average temperatures where I live, so I’ve been breaking out some of my lighter, more bohemian clothes. Instead of the thick fabrics and muted colors that I usually sport during this time of year, I’ve been wearing gauzy tops, pastels, and lace. Since I’ve been doing a bohemian vibe this week, I decided I wanted to experiment with hair jewelry. Hair jewelry has been very trendy for the last year or so, but I never bothered to buy any because I was afraid it would quickly go out of style. Since I didn’t have any legitimate hair jewelry in my closet, I decided to try out various ways to use my regular jewelry in my hair instead.


Before creating each of these looks, I gently brushed a dryer sheet over my hair to tame flyaways before working with the jewelry so it wouldn’t get caught in the metalwork.


  1. In the largest picture on the far left, I swept my hair into high bun and fastened it with an elastic. Then, I took a couple of stretch rings with large gemstones on them and attached them to bobby pins. I slipped the bobby pins with jewels into the elastic that held my bun together so it looked like I had large gemstones going around my bun.

  2. In the picture on the top center, I used an ear cuff to sweep my side bangs out of my face. It’s just like using a bobby pin but glitzier! This would work with clip-on earrings as well.

  3. In the bottom center, I used something called a collar clip. Collar clips are like necklaces that you attach to the ends of the collar of your shirt. They used to be very popular a long time ago and I have picked up a few for myself at vintage jewelry stores. I used one with gold chains and pearl-like beads by clipping the ends to the bottom layer of my hair and then covering the clip ends with the top layer of my hair. Lastly, I pulled my hair into pig-tails — although it looks just as good if you wear the hair out.

  4. In the top right photo, I simply wore a necklace over my hair like a bohemian head band. To find a necklace that is about the right size for your head, it should be slightly longer than a choker but shouldn’t go past your clavicle when you wear it on your chest.

  5. In the bottom right, I had an old necklace that had broken years ago. The clasps no longer worked, so I took them off the necklace and threaded bobby pins on the ends instead. I created a delicate, but messy, updo by sectioning my hair into halves, braiding the halves, and wrapping them to the back of my head. Then, I adorned my hair with the necklace/headband to finish it off.

I love these looks because I always want items in my closet to work double duty and have multiple uses. With a little creativity, you can make your wardrobe seem twice as big!


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