Things To Think About Before Getting A Tattoo

The United States is becoming increasingly comfortable with tattoos and tattoo culture. Every other week, some headline pops ups that suggests yet another celebrity has gotten inked with some meaningful words or an outlandish image.  I would also like to think that teenagers and young adults (the people who tend to get tattoos) are becoming increasingly tolerant of new trends and ideas, so they are more comfortable with the idea of growing old with a flower on their ankle or a quote on their rib cage. That thing everyone’s mom says — “Don’t get a tattoo, it’ll look ugly when you’re 40!” — no longer applies to the millennial generation, especially as alternative style becomes more mainstream.

But let me play the devil’s advocate.

Do you want to show up to a job interview looking like this?


Yes. Look closely. Lindsay Lohan is telling you to shush…

As someone who is on a journey to become more intelligent both inside and out, it’s these types of tattoos that make me cringe. The one’s that are meant to be cheeky, but end up making you look immature. These are the tattoos born out of drunken nights and very little thought. And when you show up to a job interview sporting one of these, your chances may drop depending on the employer. If you’re planning to work in a cool creative career where everyone is hip to the tattoo scene, you might be able to get away with this easily, but if you want to apply somewhere where you’ll need a suit…You might want some tips on how to get tatted up the smart way:

1.)Choose a tattoo location that can be hidden. This means avoid inking your face, neck, hands, wrists, feet, and in some cases, your arms. Think about the type of job you want, the usual uniform for that job, and pick a location that is covered by that uniform. That way, when you go to apply, your awkward tattoo doesn’t have to be part of the conversation. You can save it for happy hour with your coworkers after you get hired.

2.)Do not drink and ink. The tattoo process is more difficult for the artist when you’re drunk because it is harder to keep you still and alcohol thins the blood (making the process messier). For obvious reasons, you don’t want to create a struggle for your tattoo artist because it won’t come out as well.

3.)Take time to think about your tattoo. Tattoo removal can be expensive, so you want to make sure that you really like your tattoo idea before you commit. I would suggest that you take six months to a year to lock down on a tattoo idea, depending on your personality. If you’re someone who tends to get tired of your clothes and makeup often and likes to get new stuff constantly, you should take a longer time deciding on a tattoo.

4.)Get a temporary tattoo. Go to your artist of choice and pay them to do a mock-up of your tattoo idea in permanent marker that will last for several days. This is like a trial run for your tattoo. The idea of your ink will seem much more real if you wake up with it in the morning and see it in the mirror for a week.  Then, if you realize you don’t like the concept as much as you thought or it seems to show under your work clothes easily, you might change your mind before you make the big commitment.

Go forth and look smart. Whether you’re dead set on getting a tattoo or not, these tips should help you select a tattoo that will allow you to look professional when you’re on the job hunt. Just in case.






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