You Can Get Healthier Without Getting Up!

Time. It’s the biggest obstacle we have to living a healthy life. We don’t have time to find a healthy recipe. We don’t have time to go to a fitness class. We don’t even have time to go to sleep.

In order to become a healthier person, you have to learn how to work health and fitness into your schedule as it already is, rather than saying things like, “I’ll make time to go to the gym”. We can’t make time. And we won’t. So the best thing you can do, is find ways to inspire yourself to be healthier in small ways throughout the day. Think of it as health mindfulness snacks.

Where can we get all of this lovely inspiration? The same place you get inspired for everything else! INSTAGRAM. Fitness Instagrams have become increasingly popular in recent years because people in the fitness community love to be social and inspire one another. However, even if you aren’t a fitness diva yet, following some fitness Instagrams is a great way to start. They will inspire you, give you tips on ways to make your day-to-day life healthier, and even show you exactly how workouts can be done and modified for beginners.

In the last week, I searched the web and asked around to find a plethora of fitness bloggers, and now, I’ve narrowed down my five favorites (with reasons why) below. I suggest you follow them right away. Then, when you’re scrolling along, and see a great tip explaining how to make a healthier breakfast without even having to look for a recipe yourself, you will thank the social media gods. And your happy tummy.

Achieving_Balance: Beautiful posts that will inspire you to go for a run and be one with nature. Gorgeous shots of fresh food that will make you want to buy veggies. Inspiring words.

IVFitness: Videos of strength workouts right on Instagram in a shortened format. Healthy food porn with a dose of advice. Workouts detailed in the captions so you can get a quick read or copy and paste the info into your larger workout schedule.

Nude_yogagirl: A nude girl doing yoga artfully and tastefully. Perhaps she can inspire you to make art with your body too. And make peace.

Annavictoria: Great food advice. Inspiring quotes to use for captions on your workout selfies. An Instagram that loves its fans and posts their transformation pics.

Massy.arias: Tips for ordering food out. Modified workouts for beginners. Advice about health, not just fitness



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