3-Ingredient Lip Scrub From Your Kitchen Cabinet

Earlier this week, I wanted to do a red lip with my new, black and white winter coat, but when I applied my makeup, it looked cakey and awkward on top of my less than soft lips. When winter comes, I often struggle to keep my lips looking happy and hydrated and having looked at the lips of other ladies around me, I know I’m not the only one.

I decided the best course of action was to exfoliate my lips, remove any dead skin cells, and give myself a smooth, hydrated base to add pigment to. Since I didn’t have any exfoliant on hand, I raided my pantry for a few items to make one myself. Here’s what I did:

photojoiner (1)

I chose three ingredients-

1 tsp of honey, for a sweet, moisturizing base

1/2 tsp of granulated sugar, to gently scrub the skin

1/4 tsp of olive oil, for an extra boost of moisture and smoothing.

I mixed the three ingredients, until it was an evenly distributed, thick, grainy paste. Then, over the sink, I wet my lips with water, and patted them with a towel to leave them slightly damp. I applied the scrub with my index finger, swirling it in circular motions across my lips and making sure to get all the way into the corners and contours. I repeated the process of scrubbing with about a pea’s worth of the paste three times. Then I washed off the residue.

After I was finished, my lips were soft, supple, and clean (and tasted delicious!). This time around, when I applied my lipstick, it went on buttery smooth without the need for a gloss to be applied on top.

Give these kissable lips a try and tell me what you think!




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