Headspace: The Strong Woman’s Secret Weapon

While many people think brawn is about mainly physical prowess, I always like to take a step back and appreciate emotional strength as well. I think the stigma surrounding mental illness in America is pretty discouraging, and a lot of women these days avoid talking about the way they feel for fear of looking weak. But here’s the secret that great women don’t tell you: The strongest women are the one’s who acknowledge their emotional troubles and deal with them in constructive ways. And that’s where the app “Headspace” comes to the rescue.

Headspace is a guided mediation app that starts you off with a ten day set of free, 10 minute meditations. After a particularly stressful day that left me feeling weak, insecure, and frustrated, I decided to give the app a try. I was immediately smitten. The style of the guided meditation was reminiscent of the relaxing ending of a great yoga session complete with a voice that draws your attention to both internal and external stimuli. If you haven’t been to a yoga class before, I’ll give you a better breakdown.

The meditation is lead by a quiet, soothing voice, which directs you step by step on everything you need to do to relax your mind and body in a record 10 minutes. The app suggests that you do your mediation sitting in a chair or on the floor when you wake up, but you can really do this anytime, anywhere. You can use it to fall asleep, as a relaxing wakeup, or a reset button after a particularly frustrating moment.

After you complete the first ten days of guided meditation, you will have to pay to continue, so that’s something worth keeping in mind. I am currently on day nine, and I have not yet decided. I love the app, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to pay for my extra peace of mind. So, I’m going to search around and see if I can find something similar for free either in an app or on the web. In the meantime, I’m going to continue reading the Headspace blog, which includes great articles about mental health, and update you on my search for guided meditation for strong ladies.

As for you, I highly recommend doing the ten day trial. Even if its something that you’ve never done before, I can almost promise you that it will leave an impact on the way you handle yourself when you’re stressed. I’ve learned that even without the app’s guided meditation, I now resort to similar methods during my frustrated moments. I can now easily close my eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on my surroundings without feeling like I look silly. Then, when I feel relaxed, I look like a stronger, more confident woman. And you can too.



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